Performance Appraisal

PART 1: Personal Details

PART 2: Performance Factors

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Demonstrates a high level of ownership / commitment to achieve results.
Integrity / Trustworthy
Achieves a high level of trust in relationships. Adheres to the organization values and guidelines of conduct. Actions are consistent with words. Communicates high personal standards.
Decision Making / Judgement
Assess the important, urgency and risk associated with each situation and takes actions which are timely and in the best interests of the company.
Communication Skills
Effectively presents and receives information both orally and in writing.
Quality of Work
Sets and adheres to priorities. Meets established standards, deadlines and work schedules. Uses resources efficiently and economically.
Quantity of Work
Completes assignments by or before deadline. Produces acceptable quantity of work. Works at a steady pace regardless of environmental pressures.
Leadership / Coaching Skills
Demonstrates ability to direct team in accomplishing work. Creates a culture supportive of staff, fosters individual motivation, high levels of individual and team performance.
Aware of the company safety and security policies and regulations. Reports potential safety hazards.
Demonstrates trust to carry out work and rely on the person to do an accurate job.
Job Knowledge
Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of his / her key responsibilities and keeps abreast of trends and changes in the field.
Organization and Planning Skills
Uses an effective methodology to determine priorities, set goals, create a plan, take action and measure results.

Overall Appraisal in words

Strengths and/or areas of development

Employee Comments

Performance Appraisal Result

To be calculated by the HR department